‌One of the biggest news of 2017 regarding fat removal without surgery was the beginning of the commercialization of BELKYRA® in Portugal (called KYBELLA® in the USA) consisting of a product, deoxycholic acid, that dissolves fat by microinjection.

The submental area (commonly known as “chin”) is a preferred location for fat accumulation, producing the “double chin” effect. Until now, the only effective way to remove it was through surgical liposuction.

Over the last few years, however, a number of studies have been carried out to develop a minimally invasive technique that, through the injection of a substance, leads to the destruction of adipocytes (fat cells) and dissolution of the fat inside. Deoxycholic acid has been pointed out as the ideal molecule to obtain these results and is thought to be an advantageous therapeutic weapon so that, in a non-surgical way, we can help our patients to look in the mirror to feel well with their image.

We must bear in mind that the results are not miraculous and that the product is not free of side effects, so it is essential that the use of BELKYRA® is carried out by medical professionals specialized in its injection technique.