Body Esthetics


‌Cocoon Cooltech is a non-invasive liposuction, the treatment of excellence and effective to eliminate the so unsightly excess localized fat.

During the procedure, an applicator promotes cryolipolysis – controlled destruction of fat cells through the cold – so you can return to your normal life right after treatment. It only acts on the fat cells of the selected region. The sensation is of a firm pull and the freezing does not affect the epidermis or other organs.

In one session, it is possible to eliminate much of the localized fat, about 20 to 25%, reaching the maximum results after 60 days. The total losses may be higher or lower than those mentioned, depending on the patient. The treatment can last for 1 hour or more depending on the areas to be treated. The fat will be eliminated naturally by your body. The treated area may become swollen, with a hematoma or a slight change in sensitivity. They are natural reactions of the body and if they arise, they will disappear in a few days.