Facial Esthetics


Not always the eyebrow has the volume and the definition that we would like. Some eyebrows are too thin, shallow or short. Many more are missed, either due to accidents, genetic factors or even inexperienced professionals who fail to model the eyebrow.

Several people resort to an impractical solution to make the correction on the eyebrow, which is the case of filling with pencil or shade. In addition to demanding some work and skill, the result is provisional and comes out with a make-up remover.

The lack of practicality and durability of the pigmentation done with temporary makeup has led many women to resort to a more effective procedure: micropigmentation.

Micropigmentation of the lips is one of the most common treatments sought by people who resort to semi-permanent makeup. It also serves to correct esthetic imperfections, which are genetic or caused by some accident or surgery (to disguise or attenuate scars).

There are several techniques for the esthetic process of micropigmentation:



Is a technique that resembles make-up with pencil or shade. It changes considerably the thickness and the color of the eyebrow and in the first two weeks the pigmentation becomes very strong but, with the passage of time, the aspect becomes smoother, especially after leaving the cone.



The Henna eyebrow is a technique widely used to correct minor eyebrow failures. The technique consists of painting the eyebrows with henna (a substance extracted from a plant). The ink between one thread and another disguise the faults of the eyebrows.