Weight Loss

Elipse Gastric Balloon

When diet and exercise are not enough, the Elipse Gastric Balloon may help!

Elipse is the first gastric balloon to be put in the stomach by ingestion and to be eliminated naturally 16 weeks later.

No surgery, no endoscopy, no anesthesia!

The capsule containing the Ellipse Gastric Balloon is ingested through the mouth with a little water in a radiology center to control the correct placing of the balloon in the stomach. The capsule is attached to a thin catheter, which is removed once the filling process of the balloon is complete. This process takes 15 to 20 minutes.

In the stomach the balloon gives a feeling of satiety, which reduces the ability to ingest food and the anxiety.

A personalized and balanced diet is provided by the doctor accompanying the patient.

This treatment is indicated for people who have 10 to 15 kilos to lose.