Capillary Treatments

Medical Treatment


We are fully updated on the research and developments of new drugs and treatments, all prescribed by specialized doctors.

Among the causes of alopecia, both male and female, there are certain diseases with pharmacological treatment, can improve or even cure the processes of hair loss, aiding in their recovery.

Modern pharmacology is a great ally, not only to stabilize or cure some of the pathologies that affect hair, but also to help us in the different phases of other treatments. They improve outcomes both in prevention and also aid in surgical interventions and maintenance of the results obtained



Bio-stimulation consists of using the patient’s own plasma, vitamin and mineral complexes, and peptides

Its main purpose is to provide the active ingredients and nutrients that the scalp needs to improve or cure the hair problem. The techniques and products to be used will depend on each case.

In general, the best results are obtained in incipient alopecias that may be delayed or in minor or specific falls.


The goal of applying ‘CO2’ to the scalp is to achieve a greater contribution of blood flow to this area.

This is achieved by stimulating the hair follicles and increasing the oxygenation of the scalp, thus preventing hair loss and stimulating growth again.

Such as bio-stimulation, which works very well in incipient alopecias and punctual hair falls.