A balanced and healthy diet is, along with physical exercise and a positive mental attitude, one of the basic pillars on which our health and well-being are based.

At Secret Beauty, we offer a complete nutritional assessment made by highly qualified specialists, which allows us to provide you with a personalized and integrated diet plan that will help you achieve your goals.


Consultation of Integrated Nutrition

Need to lose weight and you can not understand why it is so difficult to maintain the diet?

You need help to overcome the difficulties that prevent the success of your weight loss?

Through the Consultation of Integrated Nutrition, the combination of Nutrition with Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, allows to identify health and alimentary behavior obstacles that difficult the management of weight.

According to your clinical, nutritional and energetic state, a diet and a treatment will be established that will help to solve the difficulties associated with weight and eating behavior, allowing a more effective weight loss.