Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture

Stress – Anti ageing – Slimming – Pain – Pathologies

Recognized since 1979 by the World Health Organizatio, the Chinese Traditional Medicine consider beauty as a reflection of inner well-being, health and balance.

It is efficient in many different cases.

The methods used in treatment are:



The therapeutic effects of Acupuncture are obtained by inserting extremely thin (hair thin), painless, silicon coated, sterilised and disposable needles into the skin.

Results are great as the points where the needles are inserted are linked to our organs and energetically correct their abnormal functioning


This procedure uses electric currents with low intensity applied to acupuncture needles or electrodes. This stimulation increases the therapeutic effect of the needles, removing the pain. This method can also be used for esthetic purpose (improvement of blood circulation,  cellular oxygenation and of toxins elimination).



It is based on the existence of reflex zones located in the ear that have particular therapeutic properties when stimulated by painless spheres. It happens through the stimulation of a specific organ through the neuro-vegetative system.



The placement of vinil cups that manufacture a vacuum on the skin of a specific area, generating an increase of the circulation and the energy in the area, removing the pain.



Application of laser at acupuncture points.



Prescription of dietary supplements in the form of medical plants in order to treat the body.


  • Emotions: Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Symptoms of Stress, Frequent Mood Changes, Nerve Tics.
  • Pain treatment: tendinitis, low back, shoulders, elbows…
  • Aesthetics: auxiliary to fat and cellulite treatments
  • Activation of the circulatory system: effusions, edema